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Monday, February 28, 2011

Revised instructions!

If you had trouble understanding the 1st set of instructions, try these! This version does the pocket differently though. For the pocket, you are making a pleat in front instead of just ironing folds on the sides. The same measurements and materials are used for both sets of instructions. Have fun!

1.Select coordinating fabrics that best match the teeny beanie baby.

2.Cut Fabric to sizes indicated above in materials list.

3.Select the pocket fabric rectangle; Fold down 6” raw edge 1/4 inch toward wrong side (WS);Repeat by making another 1/4 inch fold; Press; Hem with straight stitch.

4.Fold over 1/4 inch to WS on each 5 inch raw edge; Press.

5.Find center by folding in half ...matching the 5 inch sides; mark or finger press center line.

6.Open, lay flat, and move 5 “ raw edges to meet the center fold line (WST); Press

7.Create pleats by moving each 5 inch edge outward toward right and left fold edge;Extend past folded edge to allow for sewing onto base fabric; Should measure about 3 inches across. Press.

8.Turn over folded/pleated pocket (right side up). Place pocket onto RS of base top fabric. Center Pocket’s three inch raw edge on the eight inch raw edge. Baste edge (pin or sew)

9.Check position of pocket, pin and stitch both sides to RS of base top fabric. Back stitch top of each pocket side to secure stitch (due to extra stress at this point).

10.Place base back fabric on top of base top fabric (with pocket) WST, match all corners, pin.

11.Stitch 1/2" seam around three sides of rectangle (Top, Bottom, Right Side), Stitch around corner about one inch at top and bottom of 4th side (Right Side).

12.Trim corners (not too close....3 or 4 threads) to reduce bulk.

13.Turn RS outward through the 4th side opening. Gently poke out corners.

14.Press flat making sure to fold in 1/2 in seams on open 4th /left side.

15.With pocket side up, on 4th seam, insert “hook” (scratchy) side of Velcro facing downward;Place Velcro 2 inches from each corner as shown in diagram ; secure and stitch seam closed with raw edges folded inside. Backstitch over Velcro and at beginning and end of seam

16.Position loop(fuzzy) side of Velcro on the top left side of base top; align with velcro on right side. Stitch all 4 sides of Velcro.

17.Insert Teeny Beanie into pocket. Place in ziplock bag with paper insert.

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